Who are Lochlan Reece? Getting to Know Us

Reinventing Your Skincare Routine - Welcome to Lochlan Reece. As a young brand, we'd love to take the opportunity to share a little about who we are and why we’re here. We believe skincare should be good for your body and the planet. Designed for daily use, our range of personal care products cleanse, purify, and moisturize the skin. Our products are gender-neutral because we don’t believe in stereo typing or defining gender norms. There’s only one person who can define ‘You.’ There’s no need to buy products based on gender, but rather skin concerns, your needs and what you like. We think the future is and erogenous, and we’re doing our part to help enable the journey for everyone.

Who Are We?

We're artisans and skincare experts supporting a new era of personal care. At Lochlan Reece, we aim to craft innovative and creative skincare products to shake up your old routine. If you're tired of boring body washes and skincare products, we make the perfect team. Lochlan Reece is a skin and body care brand reimagining everyday personal care products. Rather than formulating body care products with mass-produce ingredients, we're combining science and Mother Nature to bring you better skincare. We source plant-based and scientifically-tested ingredients with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

What Makes Us Different?

One Google search of 'body wash' will give you millions of hits in seconds with skincare brands vying for your business. Our formulas challenge the conventional personal care products you'll find on store shelves. Every Lochlan Reece product serves a purpose that goes beyond the surface. Our luxurious bath and body products work with your skin to leave it glowing and feeling exceptionally soft. Our face and body products purify, hydrate, soothe, and soften the skin. We use a combination of natural and organic ingredients ethically sourced from around the world.

The Lochlan Reece Experience

Self-care is sacred. It's a time of your day solely dedicated to your well-being. When you shower, wash your face in the morning and evening or apply moisturizer to soothe dry skin, you're taking time to focus on yourself. All of our products are infused with good-for-your-skin ingredients and luxurious fragrances to enhance your individual self-care rituals – because we believe healthy, glowing, happy skin is something to aspire to and be proud of. To make your self-care time even more special, we source luxurious fragrance oils from Latin America and the Middle East from the same manufacturers that supply fragrance oils to the world’s largest names in luxury fragrances. Our combinations of sweet, spicy, fruity, and musky scents help you wake up in the morning to start your day off right or relax the body and mind before you lay your head down at night.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

When we created Lochlan Reece, we knew we had to commit to doing things differently. Sustainability is the only way to help reverse and prevent future environmental damage. So rather than use synthetic, chemical-heavy ingredients created in laboratories, Lochlan Reece turned to ingredients found in nature. We use various plant-based ingredients with the combined benefits of scientific enhancement to craft unique personal care products that don’t harm our environment. Additionally, Lochlan Reece is proud to be cruelty-free. We are deeply committed to eliminating animal testing forever, and we will continue to do our part in ensuring the safety and protection of our animal friends.

How We Got Our Inspiration?

Lochlan Reece is largely inspired by Scottish and Latin cultures. Scotland's stunning landscapes, fresh waters, and natural textures are intertwined with Latin-inspired passion and fragrances. Our products turn mundane body care tasks into luxurious experiences with kind-to-skin ingredients, never-before-seen formulas, and exceptional fragrances that stir the senses. We're delighted that you stopped by. Next time you pamper yourself, spice up your routine with Lochlan Reece.