Gender-Neutral Skincare

Regardless of genders, labels, or identification, we all have skin that needs to be pampered. Is the battle of the sexes over? Well, we certainly think it’s time to erase the binary conversation around personal care. Lochlan Reece is a universal bath and body product line that doesn’t discriminate. So instead of attaching your gender to pink or blue-labelled boxes, why not concentrate on what’s best for your skin? Because skin is skin. And all skin deserves to be pampered. Our products are for everyone - however you define yourself. We don’t care about labels. Instead, we care about creating good-for-your-skin products to amp up your personal care routine.

Why Does Gender-Neutral Skincare Matter?

People of all ages and genders need to care for their skin. Skin health isn’t a male versus female debate. It’s a human thing! Gender-neutral skincare allows you to focus on the particulars of your own skin instead of using a product that may not suit your skin type but is marketed toward men or women. Also, your gender doesn’t determine the kinds of scents you like or your skin type, so what’s with the explicitness? Walk down any personal care aisle, and you’ll be greeted by skincare brands using bright, floral-colored packages for women’s products and minimalist, sleek dark-colored containers for products targeting men. There’s no breakt hrough medical or scientific reason for the gender division in the personal care aisle either. All skin has almost the same structure, regardless of your gender. Diverging skincare by gender is mainly a marketing tool based on what brands think consumers will spend money on.

What’s the Problem With Main stream Skincare?

Gender is a hot topic right now. The broader societal discussion usually leads towards eliminating overly gendered stereo types. But when it comes to skincare, one walk down the hygiene aisle in your local store will make you feel like men are from Mars and women from Venus. Why is that? The skincare industry is dominated by giant established brands whose focus is on sustaining sales growth. Brands reassure us with the belief that there must be something special in these items that make them unique and specific to gender. But the truth is, a lot of the ingredients are essentially the same. Marketing new niche product targeting as many people as possible keeps consumers buying more. The inherent need to only purchase personal care catered to your gender results in more products, more bottles in your shower, and more waste.

What Are We Doing to Make a Change?

Falling into the “pink” or “blue” box can keep you from getting the most of your skincare routines. We want to do better than that and give you more out of your skincare. We get how frustrating it can be to feel that brands automatically think you’re attracted to sweet “girly” fragrances just because you identify as female. Or if you identify as male, your go-to is something musky and “manly.” Lochlan Reece is exclusively a unisex skincare brand. Times are changing (and that’s a good thing). Lochlan Reece, are reinforcing a fluid, non-conforming definition of personal care. We believe the world of body care should be inclusive, uncomplicated, and effective. Our collection of unisex, multi-use personal care products includes shower essentials, moisturizers, and facial cleansers that challenge gender constructs and tired narratives. Instead of labelling our products for women or men, we let your nose decide what works for you! Whet her you gravitate toward heavier, musky notes or fresh florals has nothing to do with gender and all to do with personal preference. You’ll never be labelled or put in a gender box with us.

Skin Type is More Important Than Gender

There’s very little in terms of a gender divide when it comes to washing our bodies or applying moisturizer. Dry, sensitive, and oily skin doesn’t discriminate. So when marketing takes a back seat, gender becomes less important, and the emphasis can be on what works best for your body. While this pushes against what we’ve been coached to understand from big-name brands, it’s about time the focus shifts on what really matters - healthy skin.

Our Ingredients-First Approach

Isn’t it time to think skin-type rather than sex-type when it comes to buying your skincare? While traditional brands may still dominate store shelves, our non-gender-specific products focus on what’s inside the bottle. Consumers (of all genders) are starting to concentrate more on the ingredients list and less on the color of the bottle. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify as. What matters is how effective the product is. Lochlan Reece skincare is made using natural ingredients that are proven to soothe, nourish, and hydrate all kinds of skin.

Gender-Neutral Packaging

Lastly, we’re not blurring the labels of masculine and feminine in skincare - we’re eliminating them. We house our products in eco-friendly neutral-colored packaging. Our packaging pays homage to timeless luxury with sleek blacks and bright white hues. Our clean, simple packaging doesn’t have gendered messaging so that you can cut down the clutter in your bathroom.

Quick Final Thoughts

We believe less is more. With less focus on sex and more focus on what you like and makes you feel good, Lochlan Reece is breaking down gender norms. We stick to formulas made for your skin, not pronouns.